Thursday, January 7, 2010

sleepless nights..

yes.. i am awake at 5 45 am.. have been up since 4 40 am.

i have been in and out of sleep all night due to the numerous mosquito bites on my face.. probably because it was the only part of my body out from under the covers. then i woke up because annie was moaning in her sleep... i woke her up and asked what was going on. she is having waves of nausea and chills. turned the fan off, gave her some topical phenergan, and now im up and praying for a full recovery. strange how sleep suddenly seems meaningless...

the supper that we had with the Heartline Runners was AH-MAZING last night! beth made fettuccine alfredo and other pastas :) i bet there were about 30 people here last night, including kids! the best part of the evening was not the food... even though it was DELICIOUS! the fellowship and the time of worship that we shared was life changing. i feel as though what we had last night was what the early church was like... meeting in homes.. sharing a meal.. there was enough for everyone.. and then serving one another. the meal and time together was to encourage the runners that are running in the Disney Marathon on sunday. they are running so that they could raise money to buy an ambulance for the women in the women's program. they have raised over $42,000! just to see their hearts was incredible... these are people that are not running for themselves or for their glory.. but instead to run for those who cannot and for God's glory. john set aside a special time for us to serve them last night by washing their feet and to pray over them. what an honor to pray for them and to speak words of life and encouragement! i felt led to pray specifically for beth mchoul and tara livesay... God has His hand on their lives and His anointing is very evident.

TODAY... becca, brandon, norman, and parker will begin the journey back home. please pray for them as traveling out of haiti and being at the mercy of airlines is usually a very frustrating ordeal. i know they are excited to see you and share what God is doing in and through them :)

as for myself, ainsley, and annie... we will be here for another day! yay! we are all excited :) as far as i know we will be helping out at the women's clinic for a full day of classes and then going to eat at a haitian woman's home for supper. supposedly we can only speak creole at her house?? haha, this could be interesting!

stay tuned for another update tonight! the internet is easily accessible here at the mchoul home :)

praying for God to continue to use our hands and our feet for his glory, whether we be traveling through the air or serving expecting moms. God may your kingdom come through us, on earth as it is in heaven.



Christin said...

loving all of these updates! i wish i could have been there at the supper/worship time! already been checking them out on facebook & their blog, yes i have! :) haha! what beautiful souls they have! can't wait to hear sure you have stories for weeks, maybe even months! i love it! praying!

amanda avery said...

hey aunt mary kate and aunt jess. this is JT. I have gained a pound and a half, so i weigh 4.5 lbs. Mom and I are doing great. We miss u very much. Sorry I didnt see you before you left. I love you and miss you hope all is well. Love JT and Mander