Friday, January 8, 2010

5,000 mosquito bites later...

it does NOT matter how much mosquito repellent i put on or even if all of my body parts are under the covers... MOSQUITOES STILL BITE ME!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :) you gotta laugh about it!

none-the-less... we are starting our journey home today. annie, ainsley, and i are hoping that the airways are wide open for us to be home at 9:21 pm just as projected :) hehe.. it's a stretch but i can hope, right?? :)

yesterday was a great day here in PAP at the women's center. i got to see first hand what their program does for women and it is truly life changing for them! ainsley and i got to help do vitals as the women came in and then helped beth with her teaching session :) we were pregnant women... gotta love it! then i was able to help joanna do the prenatal exams on the ones scheduled for this week while ains loved on a newborn! i wouldnt be surprised if she brought her home in a backpack :) sweet annie stayed at home all day and just slept... she is doing good though. sleeping whatever she has off..hopefully! i am very thankful that she was not scheduled to fly home yesterday... that could have been disasterous.

ains and i got to go with beth & john, tara, troy & their kids, and some other missionaries to eat some creole food at this sweet ladies house.. her name is Rosmaline. Rice and beans, fried plantains, akra... everything is fried! YIKES!! but it was really good! first time i have ever had "creole food" in Haiti. CHECK :)

PLEASE pray for us as we start heading back towards Louisiana! praying for clear skies and safe landing conditions... and also for the other half of our team that is flying out this morning around 8 am to Atlanta and then to Monroe.

gonna leave you with a haitian proverb:
"a rock in the water does not know the pain of a rock in the sun"

thoughts relating to Haiti??

love you,

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Christin said...

you & Ains pregnant?!? oh my! haha! i'm sure you both did a fantastic job helping beth! and i know how much you are enjoying your time there! i can hear it as you type :) still praying for sweet Annie! and clear skies! love you so much!