Saturday, November 8, 2008

the CHALLENGE.. will YOU respond?

"A Voice for Haiti"

- Raise 10,000 dollars to aid in the rebuilding of Passe Catabois in Northwest Haiti, destroyed by Hurricanes Hanna and Ike.

- Give Haiti a voice in this world by creating an awareness of their situation.

How can YOU get involved?
- Buy a "Voice for Haiti" tshirt
- Sacrifice (i.e. sacrifice one cup of Starbucks coffee a week and give the money you would have spent on the coffee to rebuild Haiti)

How can your GROUP get involved?
- Donations
- Organize an event to raise money

$700 to rebuild each home
Over 300 homes were destroyed in Passe Catabois, making our ultimate goal $210,000!

Checks may be made payable to FBC Swartz and please include "A Voice for Haiti" in memo box. All donations will go straight to the rebuilding of Passe Catabois and can be mailed to 300 Cole Avenue Monroe, LA 71203. Call 318-381-3010 for more information.

If YOU don't help, who will? I pray that we do not let Haiti pass us by!