Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Full Day: Thursday, December 31, 2009

hey everyone!

just wanted to write you after our first full day.... gotta love these updates :)

i think the day went very well for everyone! parker started his day off at 6 am by meeting Rob, the missionary, to go to a village to pick up medicine for the clinic via tractor and a trailor :) i would love for parker to update you personally.. but this will have to do! he was able to see the haitian markets in Booshon... there are about 150 witch doctors there... and just got to see all of that. then the village of their final destination was on the ocean. he said it was beautiful and im sure it was! the trailor was used to transport haitians the whole time.. parker said that he made lots of new friends in haiti :)

the rest of us stayed in passe catabois. as we walked about town norman, brandon, becca, ainsley, annie and i met up with some of the faces of the village! annie and i had a lot of fun seeing familiar faces :) they run and hug and get so excited! they been asking about sydney.. rebecca... garrison.. jordy :) they miss those guys. but it was so FUN to see my friends interact with the people that have become my family over the past year. the new faces become familiar after about a day as they invite you to do life with them. it is so sweet and special.

today has been pretty come what may because we dont have any of our bags yet! well.. 2 of them made it. but unfortunately no food and the majority of our fun things to do with the kids. it turned out to be good that we packed a soccer ball and some finger nail polish :) there are lots of girls and maybe a boy or so running around with purple nails in passe catabois, hehe! i love it! soccer game around 3 today.. and for the rest of the week. such funny memories.. brandon and norman were so awesome with the boys during the game. i just love seeing annie with these people.. ainsley letting little haitians braid her hair and crawl all over her...becca putting herself way out there and being willing to be here... parker going on the hardest ride of his life... i have loved it ALL! i even loved it when the little kid peed on me.. gotta love no diapers :)

we had rice and beans tonight and i promise they have never tasted so great. still no sign of the food bags but there is hope! no worries though... we have enough rice and beans to last a month so we will not go hungry.

please continue to pray for us! norman has formed a special friendship with louvnet's brother, Krishna. so cool to watch! i hope that we are able to spend more time with the hospital patients tomorrow... most are plagued with AIDS and TB. we are going to dance when we get the boom box.. they are so excited! i also have the haitian creole bible with pictures in it that we are reading together... they love it. forming relationships with the children and the people... praying that Christ's love will shine brightly through us.

we love you and are begging you to pray! asking God to use us for His glory and His purposes.


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