Wednesday, January 6, 2010

bonswa zanmis :)


hello from port-au-prince, HAITI!!! ---> we have had a FULL day! started at 4 30 am when we left passe catabois via Rob's personal 'taptap'. we thought we were going to have to push our way out... we slid through the whole 1.5 hour ride, almost hit a tree, and drove through a river that covered the exhaust pipe along with the tires. yep... pretty hard core :) our next mode of transportation was tortug' air... puddle jumper. ainsley's brains felt like they were being squeezed out.. sounded pretty painful.. she destroyed my hand in the process. SOMEONE FIND HER A GOOD SINUS DOCTOR!! HA. nader finally made it to pick us up :) he showed us what NASCAR is like in haiti... no lie. SO FUN! then we made it to beth and jon mchoul's... and have had the opportunity to share in their ministry at Heartline here in port-au-prince.

ainsley and i went to do the prenatal clinic in simone pele... it was awesome to be given the opportunity to work with beth, tara, paige, britt, chris, and joanna! they are awesome women! jean and agat were great translators! so many sad stories but even in those few women of haiti.. about 30... i felt like us being there and teaching and assessing could improve the quality of life of those women. that's what we are here for, right?? and not to mention sharing the love of Christ through that care.. each woman and child were prayed over before they left. going to and from simone pele was an adventure.. beth is a great driver!! got to see a lot of PAP and we were about a block from cite soleil (the biggest slum in the western hemisphere). my eyes have been opened so much. dont worry mom, dad, cindy, and scott... we hung on like champs on our ride :)

the rest of the crew: annie, becca, brandon, norman, and parker stayed and helped out at the boys and girls home here at heartline. some of them put baby cribs together, played with the children, hung up rods for curtains... anything really that needed doing. what an honor to serve these beautiful people!

we were all given the opportunity to meet Naomi... jason hyatt's daughter! i loved on her for a while and just kissed on her! she is so beautiful and such a wonderful little spirit :) she made my heart happy!

tonight a bunch of people that are running the marathon for heartline's women's team are coming over for supper.. should be a fun evening! beth and john have been so hospitable... could not ask for better hosts. God is really blessing their ministry.. and i think i know why... when you give your life to serve the poorest of the poor and are as hospitable as the early church... your numbers and spiritual life GROW. we are seeing that here... :)

i know it's a day late.. but i really want to share some of our last day in passe catabois. it was a hard day for most of us as goodbye's came and went. i met with wilfet for the last time and just enjoyed his company. i may have left that out but i have been meeting with wilfet (a 20 year old boy from haiti who wants to learn english and know more about jesus.. not to mention he is teaching me creole). such great times with my sweet brothers in haiit... wilfet, louvnet, and krishna :) i will have to post a video of the 3 of them when we get home! they WILL steal your heart! tears poured as they walked off towards their homes and i knew that i would not see them again for a while... i think they become more and more real each time i visit. God is going to use them to further His kingdom in Haiti.. i know it.

i was also given some sweet time with sandra last night :) jaques and isabel let me hold her and be with her... i did not think i would feel as much love for her as i did. so much that it brought tears as well. i seriously want to adopt her... God only knows how that could ever happen. she needs a mom and a family.

the WHOLE gang has so much to share... and we cannot wait to return to share our hearts for Haiti with YOU ALL!

love you so much!


Christin said...

mmm... so ready to hear all of your hearts and all of the different views of Haiti: from what you learned, what you saw, what you did, who you met, who captured your heart, your sweet times, memories, videos, pictures, & stories! still praying for you!

:) with love always!

Garrison said...

NO FAIR SANDRA IS MINE AND YOU KNOW IT!!! GO get her now and bring her to me. praying for u guys cant wait to hear all about it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for loving on my daughter while you were there.....wishing I was there right now.