Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We are heading out TOMORROW: Tuesday, January 5, 2010

hey everyone!

i knew it would happen... but the updates stopped :) haha... it was harder to get here each night and then the rain came yesterday! we had about 5 inches of rain! wow! crazy!

we are all doing really well... it's a weird day because we are trying to get things together before we head out in the morning at 3 am! wow!!! our flight out of port de paix leaves at 6 30 am and by 9 am we will be in port au prince helping beth and their crew at heartline with their innercity prenatal clinic! how exciting!

we brought in the new year with some singing.. dancing.. playing... soccer... lots of kids!!!! so many needs... it's almost crippling. but it has just been sweet to be here with the people that are so much of a part of my heart. we went swimming in the river and bathed half of passe catabois with johnson's baby head to toe wash! SO MUCH FUN!!!!! what a way to bring in the new year!!!!! i wouldnt have been anywhere else :)

annie is falling more and more in love everyday... it is awesome to watch her heart grow for haiti. i am so glad that she is here with me. not sure what i would have done without her.

i think the boys are pretty consumed.. they want to fix it. you know??? i guess that's the man's mindset?? but it has been cool t hear about what God is laying on their hearts. they have no problem with holding the kids and just doing life. brandon told me the other day that he just shelled some peas with kuku and another dude :) parker spent lots of time this morning building the little wooden toys with the kids... they love him so much! and norman just runs around with them like wild things! so cool to watch!

ainsley walked up one day with corn rows.. haha.. it made me laugh! she has been very good about just growing and being here. learning the kids names.. letting them sign her shirt. she is fabulous.

becca just has a heart full of love to give.. you can tell that she is going to to be a great teacher! such a sensative spirit and i have enjoyed being here with her!

we went to the beach on sunday :) and WOW!!!! AH-MAZING! the carribean is so beautiful here. we swam in the blue water... you could see 10 feet down! crazy!!

then we hiked along the ridge to the cliff where the water was breaking... i have never really seen anything like it. it was so much fun to go and i think Rob, the girls, and the rest of the crew really needed it :) praise the Lord for His goodness, His beauty in creation and His day! not sure any other Sunday will ever compare to the worship that i experienced in Haiti on this past sunday.

a quick story and i will let you go...

there is a young man at the hospital.. he is 17. brandon and i went to visit him yesterday during the rainstorm... we walk in soaking wet.. haha.. and he gladly welcomes us. we brought a little boat to make with him and he dida great job putting it together and painting. the reason he is in the hospital is because he broke his leg over a month ago and the cast was too tight. this caused major ulcerations on his foot. he may lose it... it looks really bad. but we went to visit him and just to see if we could bring some joy! the amazing thing is.. this guy isnt mad or upset...he is joyful! man i have so much to learn! brandon and i had a great visit with him yesterday and knew we would come back today. so norman and i went this morning and brought some marbles and balloons to share. his eyes lit up :) we talked with him and his mom for a while. found out some details.. his name is Joncet Petitfar. 17 years old.. he lives in Moskit which is not far from Passe Catabois. Norman prayed over him in english.. such a sweet time. as he was finishing, the rest of the crew walked up and got to meet him! parker prayed for him as well. i shared with him that i was praying that God would do great things with him.. he said that he knows "Jezi" :) please pray for Joncet.. that GOd would use him for His glory.. and that He would be healed. prayer moves mountains..

so as our time in passe catabois comes to a close.. please pray for us and for the people here. for rob as he is here by himself with his girls. it is hard for them without anne marie. we are going to do some prayer walking around the village... it has been very evident that the devil has a foothold here... prayer breaks those strongholds... and our God is powerful. please pray with us!

becca, parker, brandon, and norman will be in monroe at 9 21 on thursday evening if all goes according to plan. please welcome them home and love on them. myself, annie, and ainsley will follow on friday. we are excited about what we are going to get to see in port au prince.. so our journey is not quite done yet :)

we love you and miss you all!


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Anonymous said...

Thank you Jess for updating your blog. I really enjoy reading about how things are going down there. God is using yall in great and mighty ways...So exciting!!!
Steven Lengefeld