Sunday, August 1, 2010 do haitians spend their weekends??....

pretty good question, EH?? :) Well this is how we spend our Haitian weekend.... hope you enjoy!

Saturday was a day for the river... we didn't go to the usual spot because the river was large and probably would have drowned us had we gone there. So we went to another swimming hole... it turned out to be GREAT! To see all of the kids make a mad dash for the water giggling and screaming was priceless. We washed them from head to toe with Johnson's body wash and scrubbed them down GOOD! BUT.. the next thing I knew they were rolling in the mud making scary monster faces at the small children... haha... gotta love it. Who needs a bath, anyways?? Mary Kate let Michellda wash her down and braid her hair in the water... There was also a moment that Mary Kate had with Loushka before the river.. but I will let her tell you that story :) Marrah just romps with the best of them and I can't decide if Kasey likes to romp and watch :) Maybe she likes to do both :) :) Everyone agreed that this was a really fun event!

There were some sad realizations by all yesterday... Hunger is very much so a reality here. If I had more time I would write more. But I will just leave it at that.

Marrah and Kasey have become very attached to "small small" ... also known as Jan Maxon :) Such a sweet boy... they have gotten him laughing and talking when before he would hardly do either. So precious! Today he was blowing me kisses... SO SWEET!

Last night Mary Kate made friends with Mariejinette through teaching her some English! Now everytime Mariejinette sees me she asks where Mary Kate is and when she is coming back! hehe... such a sweet connection. That is where she is right now as I type this.. helping her with English!

Today started off with Church... it is definitely an experience. But I do have to say that church here is very westernized. They learned from the best :) :) hehe.. I hope you hear my sarcasm. But it was sweet to see some familiar faces and just to worship.. because where 2 or more are gathered together.. He is there. So thankful for that truth.

This evening I went to take a walk and find Anne Marie... and I walked up on a woman in labor. I was so excited! First time that has happened in my 4 visits here! I was able to help with the delivery and basically watch a miracle. The baby wasn't breathing and had a rough run at first but after a little mouth to mouth by Anne Marie the baby seems to be doing great. There is a guy at the hospital that seems to have a crush on me though... He is hilarious. Not even sure of his name but it cracked me up when Anne Marie handed him the newborn with his dress and hate on... no joke. I have a picture that I will share later :) TOO FUNNY!

the marbles and jewelry making came out tonight... it was fun to see the smiles on their faces. of course when you hand out fun things someone always ends up crying. oh well.. i guess it is worth it if most everyone ends up happy?!?!

Tomorrow Marrah and Kasey will be helping out at Camp Hope and Mary Kate is spending the day with Anne Marie. So they should all have very interesting days. As for me, Im not sure what I will do, maybe I will float around and enjoy :)

We are asking the Lord to be glorified in us... and to make His name great. Asking Him to fill us with His love so that we can pour out.

We love you!

Jess, Mary Kate, Kasey, & Marrah


Annie said...

This is beautiful. I hate that I am missing all these memories. My heart longs for Haiti today. I am praying for you guys, and cannot wait to hear more stories!!

ChristinAnne said...

oh river you bring so much joy to everyone involved! :) at least they smelled good for a little while! ha! all of these stories just continue to bring my heart joy and encourage me more and more to pray for these families and for you! :) the Lord is being glorified friend, in every smile, hug, splash, necklace, game, tutoring session, and blown kisses! :) FINALLY a LIVE BIRTH! sooo excited for you! i cannot wait to hear more details about the birth! :) so thankful yall are getting to experience every part of Passe Catabois from family visits, to Camp Hope, to swimming holes, to down time with kiddos, to time with Anne Marie! cant wait to hear how your day of floating goes...really glad you can do that tomorrow! and so proud of you for keeping us updated! :) praying for each of you...te amo!

Anonymous said...

It's been so exciting to hear from you! Tell Kateland and Leah hello. I'm so excited you were able to help deliver a baby what an awesome experience. It's so encouraging to hear the many ways God is present. Looking forward to your next update. Missing You all!! I love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

such an awesome day...glad to hear the great updates in pass cat! continuing to pray for ya'll! -parker

Maria said...

Aww! I am so happy right now! I love these updates! You are all in my prayers. I know that God is moving in and through you. I can not wait to hear more about your trip, and look at your pics. :) Keep up the good work. I am praying for yall to have energy, joy, wisdom, and most importantly..Love. I know you are doing great!!

Leslie Young said...

Loved this! Thanks for the update.
Hunger. How can we help?

Bec said...

haha, I can't imagine that river with much water, but I am glad you guys found another place to swim. Sounds like a great time down at the water hole.. hehe. Also, I can just PICTURE Marrah there with the kiddos... so sweet!

Yay for english for marijanette. She's such a sweetie. I am glad MaryKate has made a special connection with her.

Also so excited to hear about the live birth. I know that's your thing, girl, so I thank God that He allowed you to be there to see it. How special!!! :)

Love you guys and praying for you every day. xoxo

DrummerGirl said...

this sounds like the best Haitian weekend ever for both ya'll as a team and all the beautiful people of Passe Catabois!this update makes my heart smile =)
Thanking God for you sisters Going and serving and Loving like crazy in Haiti!so very encouraging!much love!