Saturday, July 31, 2010

We are here :)

I knew I would eat my words as far as telling you guys all about this blog and then it not working out to where I could update you as much as I would have liked to.... but yes.. we are HERE. and doing great. just now having a little bit of time to sit down and write.

our flight into Haiti was uneventful... praise the Lord. no issues with our flight or our bags getting here. the airport was tore up though... they took us in a shuttle to an area where it looked like they stocked things and customs and immagration was in there. Nader was there to pick us up as soon as we walked out the door... a first! It was a comfort to see his face. He was also picking up a group of 29 (outrageous) to go to a different part in Haiti. Some of the women in the group were soo sweet and we were able to have some sweet conversation with them while we waited at Tortug'Air. Mary Kate and I also met this Haitian film maker headed to Port de Paix to show his film.. His name was Raymond. Just a blessing to have people to talk with and share life. Our flight was not scheduled to go out until 3 pm... but Nader couldn't handle it... so along with the help of the Most High God... Nader was able to get our tickets bumped up to 11 am! This was such a blessing... easpeciall now that we didn't have to sit for hours in the rural airport with nothing to do. So we boarded the flight made our way to Port de Paix. Anne-Marie told me she was in surgery earlier in the day but she was there to greet us about 20 min after we got off the plane... another blessing for God. We road moto taxis to the "tap tap"stop... those rides are ALWAYS an adventure. However, the tap tap seemed to be more of an adventure than I could have ever imagined. We must have sat in it for an hour before it even left the parking lot... and then the ride was bascially like hell on earth for my bottom. Anne-Marie and I didn't even know where our legs were... and I'm shocked that when I got off that I even had a pulse in my right leg. Mary Kate, Kasey, and Marrah held on like troopers. :)

By the time we made it to Passe Catabois it was around 3 30 pm. Did I mention that our day started at 3 30 am?!?!?!?!?! And we were all so exhausted. But as I would have imagined it would be, the excitement from the familiar faces of friends and people I now call my family would keep me awake until long after the sun went down. So many great hugs and smiles :) I am excited for the other girls to get to know them as I do. Caitlin and Leah were a sight for my sore eyes as well! So good to see them and hug them :)

On Friday... we woke up and began our day by treking to the homes of some of the kiddos. They love to share their lives, their families, and their love! So fun to go see some of the children who do not get to come down as much. I think it was good for the girls to get to see how the people live and just how giving they are with whatever they have. Mary Kate told me last night, "it was just amazing to me that even though they seem to have nothing, the shade from the sun and the chair was exactly what I needed at the time. they didn't have to give it to me but they did"
We visited Fedna's house and then we made our way to Jan KellĂ˝ and Rosmanette's house... and then we went to Christnet and Louvnet's home as well. All of their families were so welcoming and willing to spend some time with us. Jan Kelly rustled up some oranges for us that we were able to snack on during our little adventure... I just love that kid. After our 4 hour trek around Passe Catabois :) :) ... we went to the hospital to say hello and to tell them that we would be back. I cannot wait to sit and do puzzles with them and to just share life. Most of them are in with TB, HIV, and mal nurtrition. Soccer at 3... the usual. I was too worn out though. Kasey and Marrah ran around with them for a while and then Miss Leah came for a while longer. Callou made his appearence as usual. He is always so angry. My heart breaks for him. I finally was able to see Michellda... she was too sweet. And then she braided my hair :) Mary Kate was the wise one and stayed at home for some QT.... part of me wished I had done the same.

Today we have "plans" to swim in the river with the kids.... something we are VERY EXCITED about :) To bring some joy to the world... as if they don't have enough to bring to mine already :) Just to see their faces light up when we talked about it was priceless! Leah, Anne-Marie, and a few others are headed to PDP today to see if they can get the rest of our bags and to find Leah's boxes. Say a prayer for them... alot of Camp Hope's supplies are in those boxes... we just have no idea where in Haiti they are. That's Haiti for you.

Will update you again as soon as we can. Looking forward to today and all that it will hold. Living, loving, and believing that love is the only way to true life.

We love you!
Jess, Mary Kate, Kasey, & Marrah


DrummerGirl said...

BEAST update!!! loved everything!So so sooo...happy ya'll made it in uneventfully,haha.Praying ya'll can get those bags for Camp Hope.Excited that ya'll ran into Leah and Caitlin!What fun ya'll with have serving in Haiti at the same time again!hope your bum recovers from that crazy tap tap ride.And that ya'll are able to get plenty of rest to go at it each day all out For His Kingdom!Praising God you've been able to re-untie with all your precious friends/Family in PDP=).YAY! have fun swimming!oh boy oh boy I'm just loving this entire update,EPIC.Continue Loving with everything ya'll got!"And if Our God is For us than who could ever stop us!?And if our God is with us than what could stand against!?"

Leslie Young said...

Love the update! After all this time, I feel I know those people from your stories! Praying for rest, strength and endurance to make the most of your trip. Make HIM famous, girlfriends!

ChristinAnne said...

You are there! You are there! everyone at the frantic is asking about "our girls" and if they made it and how they are doing! i've been handing out the blog site like it's candy! :)even taught some how to be on the lookout for some very special comments soon! :) oh so thankful for Nader...what a blessing he is! did you see your "airport friend"? was thinking of that! ha! excited yall were greeted with hugs and smiles and got to go visit some families and i assume bring some pics to them! :)oh to see your reunion with Louvnet...i can only imagine his face! and all of them...KuKu too! :) sweet sweet times! today is RIVER DAY! yay! i know it's one of your favorite days! enjoy it my friend! :) praying praying....for His love to continuously overflow from all of you...for rest to refresh from exhaustion, for laughs, smiles, beautiful conversations, for Callou's heart to soften and for a peace to fill his little heart, for fun inter-ministry with Leah and Cait, for your time spent in the hospital building puzzles and loving on the beautiful ones, for bruised bottoms from sliding down the rock, for every family and child there, for Anne Marie "Huschnhusch" haha! and continued prayer for your heart my friend for comfort and healing! i love you Marrah, Kasey, and Kate and praying for all of you as well! cannot wait to hear haiti through your hearts:) te amo my sister! :) excited to be off the next few follow your beautiful adventure and continue to lift all of you up! i think i met all of my competencies of my preceptor book in the last 48 hours and gained a new nickname...oh it's been i dont even know how to explain it!

Bec said...

So glad to hear an update about what you guys are doing. :) Sounds like a great first day... good job, kasey, marrah, and mary kate, with the taptap ride. hehe..

Have a wonderful time at the river. Hopefully it's not too hot to enjoy, lol. :)

Miss you! praying for you... love you very much! :)

Maria Arnold said...

YAY!! I'm glad yall are there! I'm praying for each of you, and I hope that you get the rest of your luggage soon. I know you will have a ton of fun swimming in the river with the kids! I know you must have been exhausted when you arrived but I hope that you are all rested up now so you have plenty of energy to enjoy ministering to your "family" :) It makes me so happy to see how much you love these people, Jess! and I'm sure that Mary-Kate, Marah, and Kasey will love them just as much as you do once they get to know them! Thanks for the update, it made my day!!! I love yall!

Anonymous said...

We are so thrilled for you and know you are on a spiritual "high" right now! We are so glad that you are back with the people you have so longed to be with after the devastating earthquake. I am so thankful for your missionary spirit and so glad that the Haitians are touched by you. We are praying for you!
Kristi, John, Grant & Garrett